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Occasionally I paint other things as well as Manchester. This is some of it, although even then it may be Manchester related.

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Cottage in the Cotswolds Sml



Country House in the Cotswolds (40x50cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2007. SOLD


Moulin De Lassier France Sml



Le Moulin de Lassier (Haute Vienne, France) (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2003. SOLD

A beautiful mill in the South of France I stayed at on several occasions.

Moulin De Lassier France No. 2 Sml



Moulin De Lassier, St. Yriex, France No. 2 (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2003-2009.

You Have No Say in Anything At All Sml



You Have No Say in Anything At All. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2017. SOLD.

A change from my usual landscapes, to express a point I feel is increasingly true these days. I painted this from my own imagination rather than using any actual subject matter, other than a few preliminary sketches I made, scribbled at a pub table, when I got the idea. This helped stop me inclining to a more realist work which I wanted to avoid. I tweaked the painting till I got it how I wanted, paying particular attention to the facial expressions of the five figures.

LovikkaVanten Factory Sml



Lovikkavanten Factory, Sweden (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2005. SOLD

This is the factory in the village of Lovikka in the far north of Sweden beyond the Arctic Circle, where they used to make the famous Lovikka Mittens.


Some Suburbia Sml



Some Suburbia (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2010 FOR SALE.

House in Deitenhofen Sml



House in Deitenhofen, Germany 50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2013. SOLD

Group of Women Sml



Group of Women (40x50cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2008.FOR SALE

After Van Gogh's Threshold of Eternity Sml




Tories Win Election (After Van Gogh 'Threshold of Eternity') (450mmx550mm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2014. SOLD

Different era, same principles.

Available as a signed, limited edition giclee print.


All That Religious Stuff Sml




All That Religious Stuff. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2014. .FOR SALE Contact for details.

What profit it a man if he lose the whole world and gain an illusion.


On The Streets Where You Live No. 2 Sml




On These Streets Where You Live No. 2 (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007. SOLD

Inspired by Morrissey, the bard of Stretford.

On These Streets Where You Live Sml




On These Streets Where You Live (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007. SOLD

The Last House on the Street Sml

The Last House on the Street. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2013. SOLD

This is a painting inspired by walking around Openshaw in Manchester where rows of streets of terraced houses were boarded up ready for demolition, yet amongst them was the occasional occupied house, the last traces of a once thriving community. The whole area was full of ghosts, symbolised by the doll in the painting. Since then it has been bulldozed and cleared and replaced with vast tracts of open wasteland and occasional rows of ugly new houses that look like the architect was inspired by the Maginot Line. An englishman's home is his bunker to hide from the surrounding social decay and horrors of 21st century life. Personally, I would have refurbished a lot of the old stock, making two houses into one or three into two, adding gardens at the back creating urban cottages that already have a 100 year old historical patina of unique Mancunian character and age. But then why ask us Mancunians, we only live here.

Terraced Houses (After the Rain) Sml



Terraced Houses (After the Rain) (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2008. SOLD

Terraced Houses in Manchester No. 2 Sml



Terraced Houses No. 2 (Streets in Manchester) (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2012.FOR SALE. Contact for details. 

A second version of the terraced house theme painting from imagination but based on many streets found all over the city. This time with some trees included which makes it even less correspondent to the reality/realism than giving all the figures the fantastically proportioned heads and making them ironically niave.

Office Block with Tree Sml




Office Blocks With Tree (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2003. SOLD

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