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Other Towns and Cities

Occasionally I paint other towns and cities as well as Manchester, though many of them are in the Greater Manchester area.

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Sydney Skyline and Harbour Sm



Sydney Skyline and Harbour (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2017-18. SOLD

In 2017 I went to Australia and was commissioned to paint the view of the Sydney skyline over the harbour from North Sydney and this is the result. Sydney Opera house is on the left and Sydney harbour bridge on the right. You may think this obvious, but the more silly text I get in here the higher the search engine rankings.

Sodrahamnagatan Gothenburg Sml



Södra Hamngatan (Gothenburg) (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2004-5. SOLD

I visited Goteburg (Gothenburg) in Sweden many times and this is a painting of one of the main central streets.

Street in Gothenburg Sml



Street in Gothenburg (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2005. SOLD

As I walked Through Bury Sml2



As I Walked Through Bury. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2014. SOLD 

Whilst showing paintings at Bury Art Gallery, I went for a walk around the centre and explored what was a relatively unknown town to me. It was a sunny spring day.


Bridge Street Stockport Sml




Bridge Street, Stockport (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2006.

Underbank, (Looking South), Stockport Sml




Underbank (Looking South), Stockport. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2014.FOR SALE. Contact for details 

This is the view from St. Petersgate bridge looking down on Underbank below as it winds its way up to Robinson's Brewery. This old part of Stockport is, for me, the most interesting and characterful part of the town.

Market Place, Stockport Sml



Old Market place, Stockport. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2013. SOLD

Including St. Mary's church and the old Victorian market hall.


The Queen's Head, Underbank, Stockport Sml




Queen's Head, Underbank, Stockport. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2012. FOR SALE Contact for details.

Also known as Turner's vaults, this reputedly haunted pub is well known for its heritage interior and the smallest gents' toilet in the Western hemisphere. It's located in the oldest part of Stockport with many cobbled passageways and winding steps up to the Victorian market and I tried to capture some of that alluring characterful atmosphere in this painting.


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