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Most of my paintings are urban landscapes or cityscapes of the city of Manchester and its environs in the north of England. It is a bit of a headache to decide how to divide so many paintings of similar subject matter, but I have a penchant for putting like with like and comparing it and so I have divided them mainly according to location wherein several versions of the same scene may be side by side. I could have done it by year or by exhibition but then the aforementioned penchant wouldn't have been satisfied. The various categories are listed on the right. Please click on any painting or heading to view all those under that category. Some are of subjects other than Manchester

Some of the paintings are new and for sale and some are available as limited edition prints. Those available as prints are mentioned as such in the info tagged to each painting, yet they can be seen en masse here.

Tram at St. Peter's Sq Manchester No. 4 (Sm)
Paintings of St. Peter's Square

Exchange Sq. East, Manchester No. 3 (Night) Sm
Paintings of Exchange Square

St.Ann's Sq West Sm
Paintings of Other Squares

Shambles Square Manchester No. 1 (sm)
Paintings of Pubs

Castlefield & Hilton Tower (Looking West) No. 2 Sm
Oxford Rd and Castlefield

Piccadilly Gardens Fountains Sm
Paintings of Piccadilly Area

Cottage in the Cotswolds Sm
Paintings of Other Subjects

Gt. Northern Sq.  Manchester, No. 7 (Sm)1
Paintings of Gt. Northern Square

Spinningfields With Lowry Matchstick Figures Sm
Paintings of other Manchester scenes

Shambles Sq.,Manchester, No. 6 Sm
For Sale List

Sydney Skyline and Harbour Sma
Other Towns and Cities


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