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Piccadilly Area

Various paintings of the Southern Gateway of Manchester including Piccadilly Station, Piccadilly Gardens, Piccadilly Basin and part of the Northern Quarter and also Canal Street, the bar-lined main street of the gay village. .

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South East Piccadilly, No. 2 Sm



South East Piccadilly Square, Manchester No. 2. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2009-2020. FOR SALE.

I began this painting in 2009 as part of pair with the one below, but only finished it to my satisfaction in 2020! Piccadilly, the busy navel of Manchester where you can run into all sorts of people.

Corner of Piccadilly Sq. Manchester Sml



South Eastern Corner of Piccadilly Square, Manchester. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2009. SOLD


Fountains in Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester Sml



Fountain at Piccadilly Gardens. (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2006.SOLD

This painting was featured in Cheshire Life Magazine.

From a photograph by Aidan O'Rourke


Piccadilly Gardens  Manchester Sml



Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2004. SOLD

In late 2004 I began painting a series of squares from an elevated aerial perspective and this is the first of them. The painting was featured in the International Herald Tribune at around that time.

Piccadilly Gardens Manchester No. 2 Sml



Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester No. 2 (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2008.SOLD

City Tower & Piccadilly, Manchester, (with Lowry Figures) Sm




City Tower, Manchester, with Lowry Figures. (50x40cm Acrylic on board. painted 2020. For Sale.

The view from the south western end of Piccadilly Gardens.

Piccadilly Station Approach Looking West Sml



Piccadilly Station Approach Looking West (Welcome to Manchester) (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007. SOLD

The view as you step out from the main concourse of Piccadilly Station painted within months of the buildings at the front just being completed, so, hopefully, it won't be changing for a while yet. I like the way the viewer can see the Victorian courthouse in the distance between them and the juxtaposition of architectural styles it creates.

Piccadilly Station Approach at Night Sml



Piccadilly Station Approach Looking West (Welcome to Manchester) No. 2 at Night (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007.SOLD

View West From Piccadilly Station Sml



View West From Piccadilly Station (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007. SOLD

A striking combination of buildings that highlighted Manchester's unique lobster red-bricked character and heritage that have since been demolished and replacement with an nondescript motel.

View from Piccadilly Station No. 2 Sml



View West From Piccadilly Station No. 2 (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2009.

Parked Cars Sml



Parked Cars (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2002. SOLD

This is Ducie street basin behind Piccadilly.



Dale Street Looking North, Manchester Sml1



Dale Street Looking North, Manchester. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2014. FOR SALE Contact for details

The southern area of the Northern Quarter near Piccadilly Basin is full of character and is quintessentially Mancunian despite it being used frequently in film location as a substitute for New York and I wish there were more acres of such blocks.


Cafe On Market St. Manchester Sml




Cafe On Market Street, Manchester. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2011. SOLD

A very attractive building at the top end of Market street just outside the metrolink stop on the corner of Piccadilly Gardens now occupied by a well known US coffee chain world famous for tax-avoidance.

Building in Manchester Sml




Building in Manchester (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2011.FOR SALE.

There are many buildings in Manchester not necessarily listed and therefore protected but which, to my mind, encapsulate the unique character of the city due to their distinctive red-brick colour, their context and other factors, and this is one of them. I love this small area of Manchester just west of Piccadilly Station (though it was better before the new bland Motel One development) with its distinctive, quintessentially Mancunian atmosphere, and this building in particular, hence I painted it.

Canal St. Manchester Sml



Canal Street, Manchester (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) 2001-2003.SOLD 

Eastern end, looking west, it's changed a bit since then.

Canal Street East, Manchester No. 3 Sml



Canal Street East, Manchester, No 3. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) FOR SALE. Contact for details.

The eastern end of canal street near Piccadilly station but looking west with the canal of the left. At the time of the painting the bars were Taurus and and Velvet.

Canal St. Night Sml



Canal Street East, at Night (70x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2001. SOLD

Canal St. West Manchester Sml



Canal Street West, Manchester (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007. SOLD

One of two versions of the western end of canal street painted simultaneously in 2007. The area is an impressive open space which affords views of the fronts of many gorgeous old Victorian warehouses thereabouts, now apartment blocks, yet much of it ( the former car park area) is now boarded off awaiting new development which will no doubt obscure this view. I think it should have been made into a park, a small piece of greenspace, myself.

Canal St. West No. 2 Sml



Canal Street West, Manchester, No. 2 (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2007. SOLD

View from Spirit Bar, Manchester Sml




View From Roof Terrace of Spirit Bar (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2005. SOLD

Another view from the western end of canal street and the distinctly Mancunian attractive old Victorian warehouses which surround it, but this time from a different angle. Based on photograph taken from the balcony of what used to be Spirit Bar and then Mantos, or vice versa.

Portico Library & Gallery Manchester Sml



The Portico Library and Gallery (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2005. SOLD

On Mosely Street, the venue of my exhibitions in 2005 & 2008.

Painted from a photograph by Aidan O'Rourke


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