Most of my paintings are of specific places usually in Manchester and its environs in the north of England. There are lots of them so I’ve divided them by general areas and themes. If you click on any of the paintings below, it will launch a gallery of paintings of similar theme and location to the one shown.

Gallery 1: St. Ann’s Square Area, Including Deansgate:

Painting of St. Ann's Square and church, Manchester
St. Ann’s Square (East), Manchester, No. 4 (50x70cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2017. SOLD

Gallery 2: St. Peter’s Square Area:

Tram Station in St. Peter’s Sq. Manchester, No. 5 (Night)

Gallery 3: Paintings of Pubs:

Peveril of the Peak Manchester No. 4 (Night)

Gallery 4: Exchange Square Area, Including Shambles Square and Urbis:

Painting of Shambles Square, Manchester
Shambles Square, Manchester No. 6. (40x50cm Acrylic on Board.) Painted 2016. SOLD

Gallery 5: Albert Square Area including Gt. Northern Sq and Spinningfields:

Painting of Manchester Town Hall and Albert Square by Michael Gutteridg
Albert Sq. and Manchester Town Hall No. 3 (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) Painted 2011-18. SOLD

Gallery 6: Oxford Rd and Castlefield Area:

Painting of Cornerhouse and Oxford Road, Manchester, at night.
Cornerhouse & Oxford Rd, Manchester at Night No. 2. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2013. SOLD

Gallery 7: Piccadilly Area including Canal St, and the Northern Quarter:

Painting of Piccadilly Manchester by Michael Gutteridge
South East Piccadilly Square, Manchester No. 2. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2009-2020. FOR SALE. Contact for details.

Gallery 8: Other places including Paris, Sydney, and other towns.

Painting of Montmartre by Michael Gutteridge
Montmartre, Paris at Night (70x50cm actylic on board.) Painted 2022. FOR SALE. Contact for details.

Gallery 9: Other subjects:

Painting of man on mobile phone by Michael Gutteridge
Man on Mobile Phone No. 3 (Acrylic on Board) Painted 2021. FOR SALE. Contact for details.