Different Strokes BBC Poll

The Peveril of the Peak 3 (40x50cm. Acrylic on board) Painted 2005. SOLD

Some of my paintings have featured in a poll organised by the BBC at their website www.bbc.co.uk in which people were asked to vote on which of three styles of paintings depicting various scenes in Manchester they preferred. The other two painters in the poll were John Mawbey who paints in a realist style and Liam Spencer, well known for his impressionist interpretations of Manchester. There is a comments section in which people can submit their opinions about the paintings, which I found interesting to read. A link to the poll can be found here. The featured painting is ‘Peveril of the Peak No. 3‘ (40x50cm Acrylic on board) which features in the poll and has now been sold.

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