New Exhibition ‘All That Jazz’ at Mooch Art Gallery

Mooch Show Invite

A collection of 12 brand new paintings are to be shown in a joint exhibition with fellow artist Dia David at Mooch Art Gallery, The Triangle, 37 Exchange Square, Manchester M4 3TR from 3rd February until 2nd March 2010. Admission is free! The preview is on Wednesday 3rd February from 6pm – 8pm and all are welcome to attend. I’ll be there, along with my partner, just look for someone who always has a glass of red wine in hand, though I guess that doesn’t narow it down that much at these sort of events. The title of the exhibition was the idea of Mike Smith, the Gallery owner, and refers to how elements of jazz have been utilised as a source of inspiration in many of the artworks on show, which initially was news to me in relation to my own works, though I can understand how the impression arose and so it sounded very appropriate upon reflection. As it says in the Mooch Gallery press Release: “Michael Gutteridge paints a Manchester you have never seen before, twisted and distorted. A swirling, surreal Manchester, full of nervous energy. His life long love of jazz is a source of his inspiration and his work shares the improvised, rolling and exaggerated nature of the music.” For more info e-mail

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