Painting Used as Book Jacket Cover for ‘PostColonial Manchester’

Postcolonial Manchester by Lynne Pearce Book Jacket

One of my paintings ‘Tram Station in St. Peter’s Square, (Manchester) No. 4‘ painted in 2008 was used for the cover of Postcolonial Manchester, a new book by Lynne Pearce, and edited by Corinne Fowler and Robert Crawshaw. ISBN: 978-1-5261-2001-4 published by Manchester University Press. The author suggests that Manchester is, and always has been, a quintessentially migrant city to which workers of all nationalities and cultures have been drawn since its origins in the cotton trade and the expansion of the British Empire and deals with how this has impacted the literature of the region with samples included. I’m presuming they used this particular painting because it shows people of all types disembarking from a tram stop in the heart of Manchester. (I never thought to ask!) More info about the book including how to buy a copy can be found here. Also, a very short video about it can be found here.

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