Painting Image Used by Woodmansterne Greetings Cards

The Old Wellington Inn, Shambles Sq., Manchester. (50x40cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2012. SOLD

I was recently very pleased to be contacted by the Woodmansterne greetings card company, who supply around 30 million cards a year, with a request to use the image of one of my paintings, ‘The Old Wellington Inn, Shambles Sq., Manchester‘ (50x40cm Acrylic on board), which is featured above, for a greetings card. Inside it is the word ‘cheers!‘ The painting used was painted in 2012 and has long since been sold, and it was done in a niave style from my ‘experimenting with giving figures in my paintings enormous heads’ period. It is of the iconic Shambles Square in Central Manchester, where I’ve spent many an hour doing pretty much what the people in the painting are doing. It states on the Woodmansterne website that their aim is to ‘continue to present and reflect British culture and taste‘ so I am glad the artwork was able to fall into that catergory.

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