Painting used in Book of Poems by Debasish Lahiri

Manchester Skyline Looking East With Lowry Figures. 50x70cm. SOLD

An image of the above featured painting, ‘Manchester Skyline Looking East Juxtaposed With Lowry Figures‘ which was sold some time ago, was recently included in a volume of poems about travel in which Manchester features reoccuringly. The volume is entitled ‘No Waiting Like Departure’ written by regarded Indian Poet Debasish Lahiri. More information about the book and a review of the the poems, can be found in the ‘Statesmanhere. The image was chosen by the poet for inclusion in the book from many others. When I painted this work back in 2013, I wrote at the time that I feared for the future of the characterful Victorian buildings in the front of the landscape and sadly that fear has materialised and said buildings are no more, sacrificed to the Co operative’s glass and steel NOMA project! Personally, I think a bit of juxaposition can look well, beauty is in contrasts, but what do I, a mere citizen of this city know! A copy of the book is available through Amazon.

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