Mobile Phone Paintings

Not much been going on during lockdown, obviously no exhibitions or anything. During this period, I experimented with creating a series of paintings on the same theme of how, despite surrounded by many beautiful, extaordinary and amazing things, we spend a lot of our time just looking at a little plastic screen. There is a… Continue reading Mobile Phone Paintings

Two New Giclée Prints for Sale

Two brand new paintings I’ve finished working on lately have been professionally photographed in very high resolution by Klein Imaging over at Ormond St., Manchester, and made into a series of signed, limited edition of 30 Giclée prints, to add to the collection. One is of G.Mex and Midland Hotel at Night (50x70cm with 3cm… Continue reading Two New Giclée Prints for Sale

Five Brand New Works at the Urbis, Manchester

A collection of five brand new paintings will be exhibited and offered for sale at the Urbis Building (which I happen to have painted a few times!) Cathedral Gardens, Manchester, M4 3BG, (Tel: +44 (0)161 605 8200) from the 24-27th September 2009. Some signed, mounted limited edition Giclée prints of previous works now sold will… Continue reading Five Brand New Works at the Urbis, Manchester