Mobile Phone Paintings

Man on Mobile Phone No. 1 (Acrylic on Board) Painted 2021. SOLD

Not much been going on during lockdown, obviously no exhibitions or anything. During this period, I experimented with creating a series of paintings on the same theme of how, despite surrounded by many beautiful, extaordinary and amazing things, we spend a lot of our time just looking at a little plastic screen. There is a line in Samuel Beckett’s play, ‘Endgame‘ wherein the central character states ‘I was never there!‘ and and I think this is more true now than ever before. The featured image is of the first of them called, in the manner of things doing what it says on the tin, ‘Man on Mobile Phone No. 1,’ and it was followed by two others named, rather unimaginatively, ‘Man on Mobile Phone No. 2‘ and ‘Man on Mobile Phone No. 3.‘ It turned out an okay way to spend lockdown as the first one sold quite soon after being released online. The full series of three paintings can be seen here. Limited edition Prints are available of No. 1, and No. 2 and can be purchased here.

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