Six New Paintings Exhibited at Spinningfields

Terraced Houses No. 2. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) Painted 2012. FOR SALE. Contact for details.

I will be showing and offering for sale six new paintings, including the one featured here, at the Buy Art Show, Spinningfields, Manchester from the 26-29th September. It is located just off Deansgate, Manchester. More info about the event can be found here. The paintings will be handled by at Booth 100. The featured painting is, Terraced Houses, Manchester, No. 2. (50x70cm Acrylic on Board) This was painted from out of my head without reference to any actual location and therefore it a work of total imagination, more or less. It’s of streets of red-bricked terraced housing, also known as ‘two-up, two-downs,’ typical of Manchester, albiet somewhat different from the reality in that there are trees in this painting which you seldom get in the reality. The people though are totally true to life in that many Mancunians do indeed have enormous heads several times too big for their bodies, a bit like Fred Astaire.

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