New Works For Sale at Manchester Art Fair

St. Anns Square West, Manchester, No.4, at Night. (50x70cm Acrylic on board.) SOLD

I will be showing and offering for sale new paintings, including the one featured here, which is St. Ann’s Square, West, Manchester, No. 4, (at Night), (50x70cm Acrylic on board) at the Manchester Buy Art Fair, at the iconic Old Granada Studios, Quay Street, Manchester M60 9EA. This is where they made such programmes as ‘Coronation Street‘ and ‘So it Goes‘, so another good reason to attend at this venue is you’ll get to use the same toilets as many famous celebrities who appeared on these programmes probably used. Something to put on your Facebook perhaps. It runs between, Thursday evening 24th to Sunday 27th September. More info here. The paintings will be handled by the folks from at Stand 41.

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